Turning the Page


Raspberry Pi fans,

The WDLabs team has learned a great deal from engaging you and designing products for the DIY community. We continue to investigate emerging ideas, however, the time has come for our engineers to explore new areas. The WDLabs products for the Raspberry Pi ecosystem are now available only on a limited basis and will be discontinued. WDLabs engineering support will also be discontinued on the WDLabs community, although the WDLabs community forum will still be available for forum member interaction. Our understanding of and appreciation for the creative Raspberry Pi community is highly valued by Western Digital and may resurface in the future.

We thank each and every one of you for your support these past three years.

WDLabs Pi Drive

I’m glad to have purchased some of your pi kits.
I am hoping you come back with IOT kits.


Why is it impossible to contact WD Labs UK directly? I wish to purchase a number of products, not at any time are they all in stock over the past weeks. Very frustrated with emails to support unable to help!


I purchased one of the original 314GB PiDrives when they were first released. I set it up on my RPi 3 with Open Media Vault and it has performed flawlessly. I liked it so much I purchased a 1TB PiDrive to allow for backup of my accounting computer. Again, The RPi/OMV/WD-PiDrive provides a really trouble-free and dependable NAS.

I now want to test four 1TB PiDrives configured as a RAID-5 using OMV on the new Raspberry Pi 3 B+…and I find WD Labs is moving on. I am saddened, but send my thanks to WD Labs for their interest and development of the products.

I have sources three 1TB PiDrives over the internet, but the first one I received has no data/power cable. Does anyone know where the PiDrive Data/Power cable can be purchased?

I too hope to see WD Labs pick up another Raspberry Pi project.