Turning on my book live duo


I bought my WD my book live duo a couple of weeks ago. Set it up on my office network and had it working great. Last week, there was a power outage so didn’t have the time to properly shut down. After power was restored the drive won,t come on. Initially I thought it was broken but after a couple of hours it came on by itself.

The problem is, it has happened again. Want know how to turn it on immediately because I have files on it am working with and as to whether it will come on like the last time I have no idea.

I have tried pressing the reset button, unplugged all cables even taken out and refixed the drives. Nothing


it eventually came on by itself later yesternight so i took the oportunity to properly shut it down so i attach it to a UPS, the thing wont startup anymore…

means i have to wait a couple of hours before it works…

 Pls any help to get it started now?

Hi aasimadi, it is not normal for the Live Duo to take so long to start. I would call tech support directly so they can troubleshoot the unit with you and replace it if needed.