Turning off Unit

I have purchased the 3TB My Book Essential. I just want to use it as an external drive(No Smartware installed). I want to leave it physically connected but  I don’t want to have to turn it off manually everytime I shut down my computer (it powers on every time I boot the computer). I have everything on a UPS so after  the computer shuts down I simply turn the UPS off. Will it hurt anything if I shut down the My Book by turning the UPS off instead of using the on/off switch on the unit? Thanks

The “power button” only works if Smartware is running… if you don’t install/run Smartware it does nothing, as far as I know.

Pressing it is the same as “Safely Removing” the drive from the taskbar.

Once the unit is in System Standby mode(slow flashing) is it safe to turn power to the unit off ie; with the power strip on/off switch?