Turning off thumbnails and all the other sh*t after FW update?

Whats the latest advice on how to disable all the services that make the MyCloud loud and slow? I’ve turned off a few things in the past via SSH and had to disable wdphotodbmergerd and wdmcserverd again after a recent FW update. Is there anyway to get rid of this stuff for good besides avoiding updates?

No. Firmware updates by their very nature will restore things and turn them back on again in many cases.

What do you mean by loud, I am sitting here next to mine and don’t hear anything. If I feel it I can feel the vibration of the device and hard drive working.

As for slow how is your device setup? What computer or computer devices are you using?

I have had my My Cloud for almost two years. One of the first things I did was go and buy a Premium High Speed cat6 cable for connecting it to my router. I have bought a new Linksys 1900AC router, I have both my computers, desktop and laptop with 802.11ac wifi now. My desktop has a Intel quad core i5 processor 3.0GHz and my new Dell laptop has a Intel i7 dual core four Logical processors 2.40 GHz… All these changes to my home network have helped improve my speed.


Well pin a rose on your nose! What I mean by loud is that when its trying to make thumbnails for all of my media it is noticeably audible, once I turn off those annoying “features” the drive is silent until I start doing large transfers. As far as being “slow”, these NAS devices have very low resources by nature and when it starts running through a full media scan it doesn’t leave much processing power for anything else.

Honestly I’m not sure how your response was meant to be helpful in any way. I was simply asking what SSH commands I can use to turn off unwanted “Features” since most of the threads on the subject are over a year old and things do change from time to time.

Don’t worry; my MyCloud makes a noticeable noise when it’s running, too; it’s certainly not silent. Maybe cat0w’s hearing isn’t so good…

There haven’t been too many changes to the services running, so threads about a year old should be good for advice. Use the ‘service xxx stop’ commands to stop them, and also look for threads discussing user-start, which you can use to kill all the unnecessary services when the device re-boot. I recalled rac006’s post to be useful.