Turning off the "resume" option

there are some cases where I’m playing a long series of videos at a party and I need to have everything file automatically resume - is there any way to turn off the “resume / restart” option?  this is a case when I don’t want the player to stop and ask “resume or restart?” I just want it to restart every file in the sequence & play it from the beginning - so I need to turn off the "resume or restart?"question…

Let me know - thanks!


Willfriedwald wrote:

is there any way to turn off the “resume / restart” option?  


not that i’m aware of …

if you have a party … create a folder named “Party Videos” throw all your videos into that folder and then On the “Party Videos” folder press the “PLAY” button on the Remote Control. This will play all the videos in the folder sequentially. (and should’nt come up a the resume/restart nag)

DON’T  press the “OK” the button on the folder