Turning a My Book 3tb into an internal 3 tb

If you are a movie fan you discover a need to continually buy larger and larger My Book’s in order to hold your iTunes files. I have 3000 movies and 11,000 songs plus maybe 2000 podcasts of Old Radio Shows. I now need to finthan etching larger than a 3tb however I have a stack of 1.5 tb, 2tb, and 3tb drives I won’t be using anymore if I move again to a 4 tb. My solution to stopping the madness is a NAS Server with 4 bayswhich can hold 4 X 3tbinternal drives giving me 12 tb solving all my problems. I just ordered 2 3tb internal WD drives from Newegg andwhat I was wondering can I strip out the bare drive from a My Book to use in the empty two bays? It would seem that without the need for a power unit and housing that an internal drive would be cheaper than external, that however is not the case. I could save a bunch of money $300+ and save waste if I was able to do the strip down. Is there any reason this cannot be done successfully? I realize my ware tee goes bye-bye and if it doesn’t work I have destroyed a well functioning external drive (s) so I’m hoping for an answer before I do such a thing. Any suggestions would be great.

Can be done and has been done

You might not find any step by step here on how to dismantle AFAIK

youtube and google will come handy