Turn TV Off > No Audio?

I’ve only had my WD TV for two days so I may be missing something obvious, but when the TV is turned off the audio dies too. Is this by design? I own media players by two other manufacturers and this doesn’t happen. Those devices continue outputting the audio to my AV amp when the TV is turned off; allowing me to listen to audio without the ugly screensaver blinking on and off, it also saves on the electricity bill! WD TV hub is connected to amp via HDMI; amp connected to TV via HDMI; WD TV settings are all ‘Auto’. Anyone have any ideas?

WD TV hub is connected to amp via HDMI

Hub only has 1 HDMI output, how do you get video if it only goes to your Amp ?

Do you not connect HDMI to TV, and Optical to your amp ?

The amp handles both audio and video, it passes the video information through to the TV and plays the audio itself. Curious solution, but I’ve connected an optical cable between the HD TV hub and the amp, as you suggested, and it works :slight_smile: The amp is confused for a few seconds when the TV is switched off but then it seems to pick up on the audio coming down the optical cable. However it’s working, I don’t really care! Many thanks for the suggestion!

Nice one. I wonder if the HDMI just passes through and comes back down again from the TV. (not that genned up on newer amps etc).

Maybe best to go to audio output in the settings on the Hub and set it to optical out, then there wont be any confusion for the amp (I think) :slight_smile:

It’s the same for me.

However, setting a MANUAL HDMI resolution corrects the problem.

If it’s AUTO, and the TV goes off, then the TV believes there’s no longer a downstream device and it stops the output at the HDMI interface.   If you set it to MANUAL, it doesn’t do that.

Give that a try and let me know how you fare.