Turn offstreaming - download only

I have been using wdmycloud in my video business for nearly 2 years to distribute short 3 minute video clips to my clients I send them a link to their file by email.  I want  to force a download rather than stream the video to their iphone. I have streaming set to off in the utility but the video file still plays when clicked on an phone or tablet. Since they then want a youtube like experience which won’t happen because the wdmycloud is in my laundry room and not a data centre.

How to definitely turn off streaming?



Hi halfpipe, if they paste the link to any browser, it will start to download the file instead of streaming it. 

Thanks for the response but I am talking about tablets and phones not desktop

If there on a desktop, clicking on the link in the email starts a download

But it is the phone/tablet thing. I just dont have the bandwith to deal with a dozon silmultaneous streams or even 3

you can’t. The DLNA is local only so on or off has no impact here.

a remote download or stream is no different to the mycloud, it is just sending data to the remote device. if it streams or downloads the file is completetly up to the remote device app.


utube streams because you use a utube app or website to access a custom service. 

Maybe a solution is to create a folder for each file then wdmcloud will zip it before sending  ??

Its not the WDMC that decides if the file will be streamed or downloaded.!!!

Iphones do http video streaming. The media player on the client device (phone, table etc) will decide if needs to stream or download.

If you want to force a download, get one of those “download manager” apps from the app store and paste the link in it, they will download the file for you.