TuneIn Radio Issue

I’ve added my device to the tunein radio website and started listening to some stations. When the system goes into screensaver mode and starts to show my pictures, the radio stops. This happens everytime and seems to have started happening just since the last firmware update. Has anyone also had this problem? The work around I am using now is to just turn off the screensaver, but part of the appeal of the radio is to have the pictures show.

Help, anyone? :slight_smile:

I don’t use TuneIn or slideshows myself, but it seems there have always been bugs with either the screensaver not coming on at all under some conditions, or coming on when it shouldn’t.

You best bet (beyond the current “Off” work-around) would be to post in the Firmware section, under the “Post your experiences here…” thread, so that the WD engineers have the best chance of seeing it.

They can’t really read every post in every section, and until WD implements a new bug reporting system, those threads for each firmware release still seem to be the “best” place to try and tell WD about bugs, at least here in the forums… other users feel that contacting Tech Support directly is a better means of informing WD of bugs.

Will do, thanks!