Trying to watch a blu-ray movie 1080 on wd

I have the wd box WITHOUT the built-in hard drive.

What do I need to do to play a blu-ray movie from a USB drive ?

The problem is that the traditional DOS format can’t hold a whole 1080 movie - usually those files are about 7-8 GB.

I tried formatting a USB drive in ex-fat, but it couldn’t seem to find it. I could try formatting the drive in Mac, but something tells me that it won’t be able to find it in Mac either…

Any suggestions? The manual tells me that it can read an MKV file. The question is how to get the MKV file in a place where the WD player can read it and play it.

I’m just using USB, I don’t have any network drives attached … Although the box is hooked up to the Ethernet / Internet.

I’d appreciate any help…


The manual also tells you what file systems are supported. However, if you really do own the PLAY, it probably won’t do you much good cause it does not support DTS(MA), you’d need an AVR for this. BTW, my BD rips are usually between 20-35 GB.

Thanks for the response!

I’m basically a Mac user and I really don’t understand windows file formats, as you might have guessed.

Can you explain what you mean by :
In this context?

Also, to take it a stop further, what exactly do I need to do to view a movie file (going up to 35 GB or more) with the wd? Assuming I can only access a media file through the USB port, what steps are involved in making that happen?

I should have thought to include this in my original inquiry : the model number of my wd unit is

Thanks again for your very specific & helpful response,


You’re in the wrong forum since you own a WDTV Live Streaming. As such, you don’t need an audio-video receiver (AVR) to output DTS(MA) audio since the SMP downmixes them if your TV can’t decode itself. Read the manual on how to access media over network, otherwise put your MKVs/MP4s on an NTFS or HFS+ (no journaling) formatted USB HDD.

You have a WD Live Streaming player not the new WD Play. You should post on the forum below.

Thank you RichUK & techFlaws … I’ll try a non-journaled Mac format drive and also post the inquiry on the forum you suggest.

Thank you both for the helpful response!