Trying to Recover Data from broken Hard Drive - Device Wont Show in Finder (MAC)

I just had the hard drive replaced in my intel iMac (the old one isn’t working properly). The apple store folks told me they would not do any data recovery off the old drive, but suggested I might be able to get a SATA to USB adapter and plug the old drive in the computer.

The first time I plugged the old hard drive it showed up in the finder and I began transferring the old file. 6 GB into it the transfer stopped and the the old hard drive disappeared from the finder. Now the drive wont appear in the finder HOWEVER when I unplug it I get the “Device Removal” error.

A little about my broken drive:
Its a Western Digital 320 GB. Its not making any clicking sounds or anything, which makes me think it might just be the circuit board which is replaceable. But I don’t want to waste $50 on a new circuit board if thats not the problem.

Any suggestions? 

Hi dude, what if you look for the drive on disk utility?

Close all app> Click on “Go”> Utilities> Disk Utility.

If the drive is there, you’ll be able to run first aid to try to do a basic logical repair… If it’s not there then it won’t be seen on finder…