Trying To Get Started

Hooked up My Passport Essential HD and originally the drive showed up in My Computer’s list of drives and several folders were displayed when I pressed the drive icon. I used the set up icon and everything seemed to come up in good order. Did my first backup, created a password, and made sure I was registered. I attempted to do an update but after seeing no actvity for several minutes, exited out of that.

I then did a restart, and the first thing that came up was the Command Prompt screen labeled with (I think) WDC.exe. I thought “Uh, Oh, now what have I done?” But then that screen went away, and all the icons came up and programs loaded. But now the external drive doesn’t show up in My Computer. The flashing WD icon is in the tray, and hovering on top it says WD Quick View and right below that -Drive discovering…

Further down it shows the name of my drive, Used 0%, Locked Yes, and temp OK. Pressing on flashing icon brings up a sort of split tab, the top of which talks of safely removing the HD. The bottom is labeled WD SmartWare. Both appear to be clickable but I don’t want to explore much more to avoid making it worse. I OK’d the various prompts from Outpost Firewall, Avast 6, and Win Patrol, so there shouldn’t be any kind of hang up there, I would think. Using Vista with IE9. Finally, the light on drive is blinking about every two seconds, or less. Thanks for any help and pointing me in the right direction.

I was wondering if simply unplugging the drive from the USB port and plugging it back in would have any effect. Should that be done when the computer if off, or does it matter?