Trying to format 3TB My Book on Yosemite

So I am trying to use this hard drive for the first time, never been plugged in or anything. It’s not showing up on the desktop, in finder, or even in disk utility, and when i tried running the quick formatter it also could not find it.  When I plug it in I can hear it and the lights turn on and everything so I know it isnt just completely dead, I am just not sure if it is something with yosemite or if I am just missing startup instructions.

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I’d recommend changing the USB 3.0 cable for a USB 2.0 cable if your Mac is not equipped with a USB 3.0 port for testing. If this has been done then perhaps we should unfortunately consider the possibility of a faulty unit that should be replaced under warranty. You should be able to directly process an exchange with the retailer that sold you the unit if it has been less than 30 days. On the other hand you are also able to process a replacement using WD’s RMA system:

I just bought the 4tb My book USB 3.0.  I had the same problems that you describe.  I call WD support and a nice young lady walked me through the installation and registration process.

I still have a number of questions but will be solving them as I go along.

Try the Telephone Support - they’ll get you up and running.