Trying to connect WD external portable HDD to WD N600 router

I have connected my WD portable HDD to USB port of my WD My NET 600 router. I went into router settings and it recognized connected hard drive and I completed steps for installation.

After this, when I open “My computer” on my laptop, and click “network”, it shows MyNet600 under “storage” category. However, when I click on it, it opens up the webpage to log into router.

My question is, how can I access the portable HDD connected to my router, from my laptop? Since installation was successful and it shows it in the dashboard screen, what am I missing so that i can access files on the hard drive?

Please help

when you right click on the storage you click on “mount public share” & it should show up on “my computer.” if that doesnt work try clicking on “map network drive” in my computer and click on a drive letter then browse in your network through a browse tab, the storage then click apply or finish and it should connect if you don’t have any other problems. hope this works for you