Trying to connect to my modem

I put in my modems details into the WD Live and it connected fine.  I updated the firmware, then watched a movie and thought it was really cool.  That arvo I decided to setup up some sharing - except the WDLive couldn’t connect to my modem - its kept saying my password or userrname was wrong.

So I deleted the connection and put in all my details and started again - it worked.  And worked in the arvo, and the next day, then in the afternoon it said there was even newer firmware which I figured I’d so later when I had more time.  Now I have more time and it can’t connect (it shows in previously used networks) to the modem again…

My network name and password is about forty letters long and I’m already sick of typing it.  Is there a fix?

Try pressing the reset button on the bottom side for 1 second and for the password you can connect a regular USB keyboard.