Trying to connect a WD10000h1u to a network - security problems

I have a year old+ My Book 1 tb WD drive.  I am now adding a networked drive that will accept USB drives.  When I attach the WD USB drive to the network drive, it shows up as secured.  I do not have any security setup on the networked drive and it’s native shares (folders)are not secured.  I can see the files on the WD drive within the networked drive’s interface but I can’t write to it or delete a file from it.  I can open files from there like they are read only.

While reading on the WD web page download area, I see downloads that pretain to newer drive’s security/password issues, but not for my drive model.

Does anyone have suggestions as to how I can defete or override this security issue?


– Keith 

Go through all of the sharing/security settings on your OS and double check them. Windows 7 and Vista can be a giant pain with them. I just went through it with a new internal drive. I could copy and do anything manually but my Sync progran couldn’t access it. I fumbles around the security/sharing settings and stumbled on the right one so it finally worked OK.