TrueHD on WD TV gen2

Hello from Russia!
WD TV gen2 does not output TrueHD audio to receiver with support for TrueHD (firmware 1.01.75). At default firmware 1.01.70 TrueHD audio track is reproduced receiver with support for TrueHD fine. Will it be fixed and what is the reason?
Forgive me for bad English.

P.S.: where can I download the firmware 1.01.70 for WD TV gen2?

i am interested in this topic as well. iam running wdl live 2nd gen + hdmi 1.3 + denon 1610 avr which decodes hd sound. what is the best way FW? does hd sound go through toslink? so far im unable to get dhmi audio at all, but toslink works