Troubles with WD My Book Live 3TB

I got a My Book Live 3TB for use as backup and NAS and have run into one problem after another since startup.

  1. Following install instructions the drive was mapped, then asked to update WD Smartware software. Following this update, the drive was remapped to a different letter, which I managed to work around.

  2. Prior to my first backup I was then prompted to update the firmware on the unit itself. This failed multiple times and the unit is stuck with a white LED.

  3. I have tried my first backup of two drives on my home desktop. The first drive showed the file categories in blue but stil 2.7TB free on the WD My Book Live??? Then triying to backup the larger drive (with lots of big video files ~3Gb), I am getting TONS of errors, both “the handle is invalid” and “an unexpected network error ocurred”

Overall, pretty unimpressed with the issues I’ve had. I have lodged a support request and am awaiting a reply.

Any thoughts?

If the MBL is still with stuck with the white light, try pressing the reset button, if that doesn’t work pull the power cable for 10 seconds, if that doesn’t work, replace it. :cry:

You may also try to transfer your data manually, to see if the issue is related to the drive or WD SmartWare.