Trouble with new video uploads freezing

Hi All

Recently some new video files I add to the my cloud seem to freeze early into playing the file while playing at the exact same point each time (seperate times for different files, and some files seem unaffected). Also while accessing it through the tv, several video files have doubled up however they only appear singular when accessing through my computer.

In my networks I appear to have a triple up of the WDMYCLOUD icon (one being an icon image of the wd box and the other being an image of a computer) and a double up of the WDTVLIVE icon (one being an icon image of the tvlive box and the other with an image of a computer)

I’ve been searching and searching and using every word combination I can to see if anyone else has had this issue but I haven’t been able to find anything, so wondering if anyone here can help me out please! Sorry if I haven’t explained the issue well, I’m not too understanding of it all!

I’ve tried posting through the western digital force page but I am having issues with registration.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi torento252, welcome to the Community. Are you using a wireless connection to access the files? If you are, try using a wired connection and try again. For the duplicate files, try rescanning the database from the My Cloud dashboard. Check page 103 of the manual for more information.