Trouble with My Book World II 4tb downloader and Megashares

I just got my MBW2 and im having trouble getting downloads from megashares to work in the downloader. i have to login to megashares with my email and password to be able to download so im not sure where i put that info in the downloader to get the downloads to work.  the download has the blue arrow pointing down meaning its downloading but it doesnt indicate percentage done, and where it says speed, it just shows " ?? B/s" the drive has the white leds going up and down. and in the folder where the downloads go, theres the file with the filename i wanted and its 13kb. can anyone help me and let me know how to get these megashares downloads to work? thanks.

ok, i figured the problem. its the username and password i have for megashares. i input the username where the downloader asked me to, the problem is my username is my email address which has the characters “@” and " . "  and the WD downloader doesnt want to recognize that as valid username.  is there anyway around this? or do i have to contact WD and ask them to fix this in the next software update?

i usually just login to the megashares site itself. i just purchased the 2GB version and i cant even get the arrow to point down…it just points to the right…which mean it is in queue but i specifically checked start d/l now. i have the same issue w/ you as far as the 13kb out of a GB file. did you contact WD yet because im about too also?

still having this issue. called tier 1 at least 3 times(an excuse they made said they were in india or somewhere…i didnt care as long as they were of help but no their not) they keep telling me to speak to tier 2 on weekdays but even on weekdays i call and say “Call back later.” im getting the run around and firmware needs to be updated to fix this. ill probably just return this product within the next week. it simply wont let you login to username/password sites through its downloader function. on megashares…forget about it because it doesnt like your uid being your full email address with symbols like @ or .com.

Can you download any files that don’t require a login session to a website?  Megashare’s website most likely uses a session key so that the download links you have only work for your web browser’s session and not from anywhere else.  WD implements a similar session key within WD’s “restricted download” section on the product registration page.

yes, im able to d/l from sites that have no username/passwords just fine. after testing it more…im able to also d/l from some username/password authenticated sites! the only problem this device has when using the built in downloader is from sites w/ “php?” in the url. THAT seems to be when it gets all confused and only downloads a 13kb file. i will be keeping this devices and hope maybe a later firmware update could adjust these issues! the user sharing function is sweet.