Trouble with "Apply Changes" setting in detailed view of backup section

When I open the Backup tab and select content to backup like documents, movies, pictures, etc. the apply changes button does not highlight nor does it allow for me to click it to set the changes. Right now, my drive seems to only back up the documents and not any of the other files. I have tried to re-boot the computer and turn the external drive off and back on again with no success. How can I get the external drive to reset and allow me to click all of these documents and apply the changes?


I believe there is “Detailed View” in the middle section you can expand under Backup tab.

Select your category and Apply Change should be lid again to apply it.

Good luck.

Unfortunately, that seems to be where my problem is.  When I expand the listings and check the boxes of files to include in the backup, the “apply changes” button is not highlighted and won’t allow me to click it to apply the changes.  Any other suggestions?