Trouble when installing my Passport Essential 500GB

Hi all,

I really need some help. I got this new dell laptop and installed the WD External Hard Drive to my computer and after I unlock it there’s a message displayed saying:

“You need to format the disk in drive F: before you can use it.”

After I click under the “format disk” button it appears some options on how to format this disk. I just go with Quick Format and leave the default options. After several minutes waiting it displays a new message:

“Windows was unable to complete the format.”

So now I don’t know what to do… I just want to use it again as a normal hard drive. What can I do? Can someone help me please?

Thanks a lot



Such formatting issues may indicate an issue with the device. I would recommend performing a complete drive test using Western Digital LifeGuard Diagnostics for Windows to confirm SMART status and a sector scan. If the unit is to pass the tests, then a complete low-level clean (Write zeros) would be the next step in order to clean the unit and then formatting again.

Additional information can be obtained from the following links: