Trouble streaming video to Sony Bravia TV such as fast forward. Any ideas? I have some of my own. Mezzo. Apple TV. Air Screen

I stream my PR2100 and PR4100 at two different houses. The PR4100 house has all Samsung, and the streaming works fine except that when you stop the video, or there’s a glitch, it doesn’t remember where you were. However - you can fast forward to that spot. A PITA but it can be done.

The PR2100 house has a Sony Bravia TV. When using the standard “Video” app it plays fine, and it even remembers where you were (for the last video played only), but fast forward doesn’t work, it skips a few seconds and that’s it, and multiple presses does nothing. It does respond to FF and RW arrows on the remote, but of course it does not work correctly. So, trying to find a solution for this problem.

I searched the Google Play Store on the Sony Bravia TV with “DNLA” search text.

I first downloaded the “Mezzmo” app on the Sony TV with the 15 day free trial. It too remembers where you were if you come back later, it does so for at least the last two videos played and interrupted (haven’t tried three). It responds irregularly to the FF and RW buttons on the remote, skipping between 10 and 30 seconds it seems per press.If you touch the center button on the remote it displays virtual buttons including RW and FF, and each press results in a 30 second skip forward - it doesn’t play at higher speed, but this is a big improvement.

Then there’s the AirScreen App. The demo version has an annoying delay, but if it works well it’d be worth the purchase to get rid of it. Unfortunately, the remote butt FF/RW and virtual screen button work only 10 seconds at a time, which is a whole lot better than none at all like the native Sony app. I did discover that this app works very well, though, to mirror via AirPlay from your Apple device, so if you don’t have an Apple TV you are in luck to stream video and audio from your i-device. You can play from the iPhone/iPad/Mac through AirPlay and move the slider to exactly where you want to start watching. However, you need to have three devices going - TV, iPhone, and MyCloud.

Then there’s the VLC app, the “traffic cone” icon app that I’m familiar with on the Mac. It’s free, it remembers where you left off on the video (for at least two of the last played videos). Fast forward goes 10 seconds at a time, I wish this were configurable as something coarser than that, but it does allow you to press the on-screen FF/RW (you have to enable this in the settings) or remote button presses to go 10 seconds at a time, and if you press it multiple times it displays the total time to skip on the screen and implements its, and very snappily.

Archos video player has a paid option, only used for a bit and didn’t see how it’s crippled or ad-infested yet, but it allows multiple presses of FF/RW but only 8 seconds at a time and doesn’t add it up for you on screen like VLC app does.

Nove video player next. No difference that I can discern from Archos.

Media Player Media Center Upnp. $2.99 no trial version, moving on.

Finally, the Apple TV. I have it connected to the Sony Bravia already, I can wirelessly stream the MyCloud app just fine straight to the Apple TV to the Bravia and works great. You can drag the slider to the exact point you want to resume. The downside is the additional device.

There are dozens of Google Play apps for the Bravia that show up when searching “DLNA”, and I can’t search them all. Does anyone know if the Holy Grail is out there, an app that runs on the Sony Bravia that efficiently plays from the MyCloud DLNA, that doesn’t require another device, that allows you to skip more than 10 seconds per button press, perhaps even allowing you to configure the time skip to your liking, that remembers where you were in all your videos, and perhaps even free? I’m all ears.

Until then, I will be using VLC.



You can contact WD’s Technical Support about this.

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