Trouble streaming to Bravia from Duo

My 6TB Duo Raid1 seemed to work as well as the previous My Book World II, except for this issue:

I cannot stream my Gopro MP4 videos to my XBR-55HX929. 

I can stream the video to PC. Also I can throw the video to the TV from my phone with WD2Go but The Sony will not see the video from the new server, while the same file from the My Book World II works fine.

pls help


I just received an alert telling me of a drive failure, of course with the Raid1, everything is as I stated above.

Check if you have the latest firmware udpaet available for the My Book Live Duo. Check the link below for the steps.

I have now manually updated from file, after previously “check for update”, and having auto update on.

I still have the same issue of not being able to see the files from my bravia tv.

The file count on the dashboard counts correctly,

I can see the file via pc.

I can play other file formats as in WMA on tv

I can play MP4s  shot on my samsung phones on tv.

but I cannot see the MP4 files shot on GoPro on my tv.

I would say it were a tv issue, but as I said before I can play these same files on my tv from the MyBookWorld II.

Thank you

I find that “rebuilding” helps make the files visible for my television, but the fix doesn’t stick, and find that I have to rebuild often. Also I find that the speed on these files can’t keep up with the tv. My old drives can? Pls help.