Trouble reinstalling MyBook 500H1CS

I’ve done a fresh install of Windows XP on my computer and am trying to reinstall MyBook. It seems to install generally okay, and I can see the drive and the folders, but the WD icon in the tray is blinking and the LED on the drive is slowly alternating up and down, and occasionally just steady on. Hovering over the WD icon in the tray, it says “WD 1394 HDD 0% n/a - Healthy.” It’s been like this for nearly an hour. I do have a lot of data on the drive - about 267 GB. Is the data that is on it causing the stall. What should I do now?


Tried reinstalling WD Drive Manager with same results. Also noticed that when computer shuts down, the drive shuts down (as expected), but when the computer starts back up again, the drive does also (as expected) but it stalls opening Windows at the Window XP screen.  Have to manually turn off drive and then restart computer.

Also noticed that in Device Manager that drive is listed just as “Disc Drive.” Hmmm…wondering if I can update the driver from within Device Manager. I may give that a try if I can find the WD driver.

I could still use some assistance if anyone has some better ideas.

Abandoned previous plan for a try at installing via USB instead of my usual firewire. This seemed to solve the problem. However, I would sure like to be able to use my firewire for the faster transfer rates. I would appreciate any suggestions about why I was getting this errors with firewire and not USB.