Trouble Installing Open Media Vault on My Cloud - Need Guidance

I’ve been trying to install Open Media Vault on my WD My Cloud NAS and I am struggling to get it to work . I’ve researched and found that installing Open Media Vault or other firm wares can enhance the capabilities of my WD My Cloud NAS. Could there be any compatibility issues between the firmware I’m trying to install and my WD My Cloud model? How can I verify that the firmware version I have is suitable for my NAS?
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The old, first generation, WDMYCLOUD can no longer be used online and there are no firmware updates for the device.
My Cloud OS3 End of Service | Western Digital

I use mine on my local network and it works fine.
Image below is from my first generation dashboard.

Installing alternate firmware to a My Cloud is generally NOT supported. Most times there are problems and issues, particularly with the single bay/single drive My Cloud models when attempting to install alternate firmware due to the unit’s limited/low power hardware and limited RAM. If you haven’t done so already use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon top right) to search for the past discussions on using OMV on a My Cloud. Most have trouble getting any sort of alternate firmware to run on the My Cloud and usually end up with somewhat crippled alternate firmware if they are partially successful. See the following for the main discussion topic on alternate firmware:

Clean OS (Debian), OpenMediaVault and other “firmwares”

Word of note. The My Cloud Home device is not the same as a My Cloud device. The My Cloud Home uses a different operating system and has different hardware than the My Cloud line of devices.