Trouble connecting to network

Just bought a new pc with w7.  I had my live plus working good on XP.  Now I  can’t seem to get the live plus to see my network.  Punched in all the ip addy, gateway, etc about 20 times.  I am no whiz with pc either so it’s frustrating.

thanks anyone.


Please describe your network…   How are your PC and the WDTV connected together?  

Is the WDTV able to access the Internet Services like YouTube?

First of all, thanks so much for responding.  I’m connected to the WD through a D-Link (DI-604) router.  I have 2 pc’s and the WD connected to it.  The two pc lights flicker on the router but not the WD light.  When I try to use internet media (netfix, blockbuster, etc), I get the message the internet is not availabe and to check my connections.  Please be aware that I do not subscribe to none of those sites but when i had it working, I could connect to the sites like you tube.

The ethernet cable is running under the floor from the router to the living room where the WD is. 

I moved the router into the living room to try and test the cable.  I plugged one end of the ethernet cable in the output of the modem and the other end into the receiving port on the router and the WAN light is lit.  As soon as I unpug is from the router, the light goes out so I’m assuming the ethernet cable is ok.

I’m thinking either settings for windows 7 or I’m entering the wrong data (adresses, etc) at the network settings page on the WD.

I’m a bit copnfused with network names vs computer names, homegroup, etc.

No, your Windows box won’t have anything at all to do with the WDTV’s ability to get network access.

Let me make sure I understand how everything is physically set up:

You have your DI-604 router’s WAN port plugged into the ethernet of your Internet modem, and that lights up OK.

Then you have your two PCs and the WDTV connected to the LAN ports of the DI-604, but only the PC’s ports’ LEDs turn on?  The WDTV’s LAN port on the router does NOT turn on?

If the LED’s don’t light up on both ends when it’s connected via cable, and you’ve already tested the cable, I would then only suspect that the WDTV’s ethernet interface has failed.

Failed as in software or hardware?  You suspect that the WD is faulty, needing repair or replace?


Just to make sure we’re on the same wavelength.  So the cd that came with the package has no bearing on establishing an internet/network connection?  When I click on WD discovery, it says “No network devices were discovered.  Please be sure your device is powered on and properly connectedto the Locar Area Network”

I’m going to my buddy’s place and connect it to his router to see if the selected port light comes on.  If it doesn’t lght up then your diagnosis would be correct?

Appreciate your patience.  Just want to make sure  I don’t waste WD service team loss time.


Right.   You should NOT need to run the included software just to get the WD to work on the network.

I’ve never installed it, myself.