Transmission unstable download speed

Recently I’ve bought WD My Cloud Mirror.
After I had pluged it in, updated its firmware to Version 2.10.310 (10/21/2015).
Then I installed Transmission. Its version occured to be 1.05.
When reading this forum I understood that earlier firmware allowed installibg the same Transmission version (1.05).
Well, ok, BUT there are things that disappointed me a lot. They are:

  1. You cann’t change in fact the number of peers, despite a field “number of piers” in corresponding menu exists and you can change its value. Transmission GUI helped me with this. However it cann’t add a torrent that “downloads” a file of more than 2gb weight. Unbelievable! (In result I added a torrent in Trans-n web-interface and changed number of peers in T. GUI for Win.)
  2. Unstable download speed - THE MAIN PROBLEM!!! My channel bandwidth is 60Mbit/s = 7,5Mbytes/s
    Windows uTorrent stably dowloads at 6,9Mbytes/s speed (let 0,6Mbytes/s is for the auxiliary data or smth like this), while Transmission download speed varies (jumps!) from 3 to 6,5 Mbytes/s. Number of peers doesn’t change anything.
    At this CPU load is at the half, only one torrent is active, the situation doesn’t depend on particular torrent.

Google and Yandex search helped nothing with this problem concerning WD My Cloud MIrror. Nothing was written about installing higher Transmission version on WD My Cloud MIRROR either … but about WD My Cloud - a lot, but it is another pair of shoes it seems to me.

The only thing is to try to download some higher Transmission version at and try to install it manually via WDMCM web interface (where I installed Transmission) - there is such an option. The main problem is to choose proper release for my os.

Who has any other ideas?

Hi there,

I have not tried this, lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

WDMCM web interface (firmware Version 2.10.310) disinforms us!
It says that Transmission Version is 1.05 while Transmission itself says 2.77 (when you go to “help” or “about” menu (or smth like this) in the left lower corner of its web-shell)