Transmission dont work after today system update to 5.27.157 on WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra

That’s what I did, however for some odd reason transmission-daemon is complaining about mismatched curl library versions.

OK. so the reason that this happens is simple. If you are installing a new transmission install, it works fine. But there are settings in the settings.json file from 2.94 that are apparently incompatible with 3.00. As a result, when I made a symlink in /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Nas_Prog/Transmission/config to my actual config folder on my public share, iti was using the old settings and the program broke completely.

The solution is the SSH into your drive, and ensure that you are using the new settings.json with all of the other old config files (so you don’t lose any torrents). I also made the changes to the RPC settings mentioned above by atype and it works fine.

Seriously, WD - or whoever built this package - more continuous upgrade support would have been nice.

Not at all. Assuming that whoever put this package together did so to help, I am greatly appreciative because I wanted to try to do this but didn’t have the expertise. I do, however, feel bad for those people who might try to do something similar and can’t get it working because they don’t have the ability to use ssh and linux file systems. As a result, i’m a little surprised that WD included it in the update. (But I probably shouldn’t be).

Dear members,
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