Transferring to MyCloud from Time Capsule

Hi and thanks for helping,

Just got the My Cloud and are up and running smothly. Looking to move to the next step which is to transfer data for cloud access. We use a Time Capsule as an external hard drive, keeping the bulk of our space hogging files such as pictures, movies and music. We are looking for the MC to take over in that regard to allow for the Time Capsule to function as it should as a computer back up system so that is where the question begins…

Using my laptop, I selected a file on the Time Capsule (5 gig video file) and through an explorer window drug and dropped the file into the MC location I wanted, result is a 338 KB/s transfer speed and a 5 hour wait. Also my laptop seems to be doing the heavy lifting as it is working in overdrive while this file is transferring, slowing the system and generally sounding like it is going to lift off. If the Time Capsule is connected directly to the MyCloud, why is my laptop taking the hit?

Anyway, knowing the process I used initially, drag and drop, clearly isnt the way to go, what SHOULD I be doing to increase transfer speeds as I am looking to move almost 1TB of files as soon as possible.

Many thanks again.

Unless you can transfer files via Time Capsule UI, the only other way I can think of is SSH into the My Cloud, mount the volumes, and copy files over.