Transferring issue


I have just purchased a WD TV Live Hub and tryig to  transfer my files from my pc to my hub (with difficulty).  I thought I would just be able to drag and drop but don’t appear to be able to do this. 

Can someone please help.  Previously had a iOmega Multimedia player which was far more easier and better, as just able to simply drag and drop the movies across.  Thought would be just able to do this as easily…??

I have the hub wired with ethernet into my router, so thought would be able to either drag and drop from the network or the computer into the hub?

Please help.

Yes, you should be able to just drag and drop.

What issue are you having?

Map the Live Hub to you PC as a Network Drive using WD Discovery Tool then you can drag’n’drop your files.

WD Discovery Tool Software download:


Thanks I tried downling the WD tool, but when I click on “configure” it takes me to the 192.168 etc page but says cannot connect. Not sure what is happening to be honest and completely stuck on what should do.

Thought this would just be simple process like he previous multimedia hardrive had before…??

I can’t even do the 2/2 of the firmware update either on the device…not sure why

Sounds like you havent got it setup up correctly

Here’s my “Simple” guide

  1. Connect the Live Hub to your router via an Ethernet Cable (which is also connected to your PC  via Ethernet)

  2. On the Live Hub Remote Control press (scroll downwards to find Network Share Server)

Setup > Network Settings > Network Share Server > On

  1. Now … Setup > Network Settings > Network Setup > Automatic

wait until it’s finished detecting your Network…

  1. Verify you’re connected  Setup > Network Settings > Check Connection    (you should see the screen below if successful)


5, On your PC launch WD Discovery Tool and click on Map Network Shares (NOT “Configure”)

Click “Yes”


Finshed … my WDTV Live Hub appears on my PC as “Z:” Drive 

eg. WDTVLiveHub on ‘WDTV LIVE (’ (Z:)

you can now drag’n’drop file’s onto your WDTV Live Hub


Thanks for that.

I have the network connection all fine as your first img.  But I don’t have the other options available to me (see below img) Only “configure” and “create desktop shortcut” are in the black.

sorry my fault forgot to turn on windows media share.  managed to creat the Z: drive :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!!!

you’re welcome :smiley:

OK…just asking here, but you shouldn’t need Media Sharing on. All you should need is Files and Printer sharing turned on, right? I have it off, don’t use the WD software at all and still manage to map the Hub as Z:.