Transferring files from pc to wb tv live hub

Hello - i am a new user of WB TV Live Hub.  Can someone please tell me the easiest way to get movies that are on

my pc to wb tv live hub.  My WD unit is not wired to my entertainment center to due internet not connected directly to it. 

I used an eather net cable hooked up to my router and just add everything to my WD like it was a regular USB storage device, pictures an all, I guess you could do it with an hdmi cable also but  im just sayin what i got. Also if you have XP you may have issues you need to finagle with your security n stuff, I messed with alot of stuff and changed things maybe some that didnt matter but i got what i wanted and eventualy i bought a AirLink101 AWLL6075 Wireless N Mini USB Adapter  which i pluged into my WDTVLIveHub and it works with my XP, again i had to do some finagaling with my router, like switch the signal form 20 what ever to a 20-40, and only emit a wireless N signal, again im not sure which one made it work but i messed with it till ti worked.  Good luck with that

If your live Hub and PC are connected by network you can play files from your PC to the Hub. Or you can transfer files over the network form the PC to the Hubs internal hard disk. If you don’t have the Hub networked you can copy files from the PC to a USB disk and then plug that disk into one of the Hubs USB ports. You can either play the files from the USB disk directly or transfer them to the Hubs internal disk.

Hope this helps.

just got one this week so i’am new to this . best way if your not bothered about the speed is to make sure the HUB is connected to your home network on your pc , if so just  drag and drop like you would for any other file . 

must say it was far easier from pc to hub than hub to pc . kept  aking for a user name and password , hub to pc even though there was’nt one , worked after i put a password on the pc and a reboot . 

i’am using WIN7 which just picked up the hub straight away no bother . oh ye and i’am using home plugs .

If you’re transfering a large amount of data, walking it from the PC to the Live Hub with a portable hard drive like the WD Passport is much faster than a networked connection.  This has the added bonus of being a backup disc for the data, as well.