Transferring data to new NAS

Hi, am after some advice re transferring the whole content of my EX2 to my new EX2100… what would be the best method please ?

Would it be better (or even possible) to insert one of the new 6Tb drives into the EX2 or one of the existing 3Tb drives into the EX2100 and let them sync before then inserting the second new drive into the EX2100 and letting that sync … is it possible to mix & match drives of different capacities in RAID 1 ?


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Please note that the firmware on those devices are a bit different and the drive might not be recognize.

As a recommendation, transfer the files manually through your network. I know it will take some time but will be better to avoid any data loss.

OK, thank you… would old drive USB3 to laptop to new drive USB3 be quicker than old drive via network - laptop - new drive via network ?