Transfering to a new bigger WD quickly

I bought a bigger WD storage from 1tb.

What is the fastest way to transfer all files to the new bigger WD i have wthout copying and pasting all files which will take the hwole day to transfer?

Is there a faster and smooth/safer way?


Uhm, you are going to have to be more speciifc…

You have a WHAT, and you want to transfer it to WHAT?

You posted in a forum dedicated to the Wireles Passport drive…  

sorry. I am a newby and have no clue much about this forum, forgive me.

I have a WD 1 tb My Passport… 

I have bought 2 TB Ultra Passport and My Cloud 4tb

I want to transfer all 1tb to the new drives.

I know this is for wireless, but I was hoping it would be the same process for all drives.


Without model numbers, it is almost impossible to tell which drives you actually have. There are so many variations.

However, if the 1TB My Passport isn’t too old, it and the 2TB My Passport Ultra will have USB3.0 connections. The My Cloud 4TB will have a Gigabit ethernet connection.

So, if your PC has two USB3.0 ports and a Gigabit ethernet connection, the transfer speed should only be constrained by the speed of the drive itself. Most drives in the units will write at 80 to 100 MB/s.

Therefore, you should be able to copy between the drives at 80 to 100 MB/s. If the 1TB (1TB = 1,000GB = 1,000,000MB) drive is full, it should take 10,000 to 12,500 seconds to copy the contents. That is, 2 hours 46 minutes and 40 seconds to 3 hours 28 minutes and 20 seconds.

You can’t make the new drives write faster than that.

So, connect up the drives to USB3.0 and a Gigabit ethernet (1000Mbps) port on your network router (or switch), or directly on your PC (but that will require a little bit of technical knowledge to make a direct connection work), then using Windows Explorer select everything on the old drive, copy it, then paste it all to the new drive. Take note of the actual transfer speed once it has stabilised. It will start fast then slow, then stabilise.

Use the stabilsed speed to work out how long it will take to copy, and then wait that long. Simple.




Yes, you could use some software other than Windows Explorer to do the copy, but if you need to ask about such things, then you are better to just use Windows Explorer.

If you only have USB2.0 ports on your PC, then that will slow the process. USB2.0 should transfer at 60MB/s, but it is most often closer to 30 to 40MB/s.

If you only have Fast Ethernet, which runs at 100Mbps, it will slow the process. Fast Ethernet will only transfer at 6 to 10MB/s, so you will have a long wait to transfer to the My Cloud drive.

All the above numbers are rough estimates. Start the copy process and check the actual transfer speed, then calculate how long it will take to finish. Don’t panic unelss it takes more than twice that time. :dizzy_face:

thank for this info. Appreciate it

Someone mentioned the WD took that is in the passport can just be copied to a new drive and it will contain all my files. Like a smart ware thing .

My current one is

1 "Western Digital My Passport 1 TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive - WDBBEP0010BBL-NESN

I have a new ultra and my cloud on its way

The MyCloud has a USB3 expansion port (if I remember correctly). So you may be able to plug the 1TB drive into that and then do a transfer across via the MyCloud’s dashboard. You could then disconnect it and plug in the 2TB drive and populate that from the new data set on the MyCloud in the same way (but transferring the other way, with the MC as the source).

That will be quicker as it will be a direct copy, rather than going via a PC or other device on your network (whatever you use to actually initiate and control the transfer).

But normally this kind of task is most simplest done in the evening and left running overnight once you’ve confirmed that everything is stable and progressing.

The MyCloud does indeed have a USB3.0 expansion port, so if the Dashboard is able to be used to initiate a direct copy between the drives, that would be easiest, and quickest to set up. I assume that the MyCloud Dual Core processor would then handle the actual transfer? Interesting.

But the copy will still progress at the write speed of the target drive, which will be 80 to 100MB/s, so it is definitely a launch and wait process.