Transfering from my iBook to the WD cloud

Can I and if so how do I transfer a PDF file from my iBook to my WD cloud?

You can not directly. Here is what I did when I got caught with this (I don’t use it now  :smiley_cat:)

  1. select document in ibook

  2. Email to yourself

  3. check your email, on the attchement, tap it to download it, tap again to open it. When it is open, tap again to see the “Opne In” option (Rectangle with arrow pointing upward), Choose “open in” and choose another PDF application that you use and which can see your wdmycloud.

I am using PDFExpert which allows me to see mycloud and sync all folders with it on lcoal network and via ftp remotely. I haven’t tested any other.


Thanks for your help I used your idea and found a work around