transfer too slow GRaid 4tb

Greetings good evening I have a disk G RAID 4tb 2011 I have it connected via SATA but the disk is mounted correctly but at the time of reading some folder or transferring a file to the desktop the speed is very slow and at 120mb it becomes too slow. There are some files that allows me to download quickly or others it takes even tells me that there was an error while copying. I tried it connected by Firewire800 and by usb 2.0 and it does the same problem. The hard drive I have only for Mac I have about 3tb of information and I would like to know what I can do to recover my information. thank you very much everyone I hope someone has happened something similar finding a good solution

The issue you are having is likely due to corruption on the drive or hardware issues with one of the drives in the RAID. You will notice performance drops if one drive is failing but not a complete failure yet as it still mounts.

At this point there is nothing you can do other than what you are currently doing. You will need to try to transfer off as much data as you can and then replace the drive.

hello… Please tell me, How to disable two bays on the 64tb g-speed??? I need to disable the 2 bays where they were installed, the led light flashes red when those hard drives are not installed. Suggest a solution mobdro.