Transfer Speed problems - SLOW speed

That’s the URL of the Twonky server in the My Cloud.

Sorry to all who waits for end of my story, but I have to suspend my investigation of My Cloud slow speed due to my job, which separated me with home at least for 4 month. I got an agreement with WD support to resume my troubleshooting in summer, when I will have physical access to My Cloud.


Sorry for inconvenience guys.


Will reply… :wink:

It depends on the file you transfer. Slows down if copying many smaller files and goes up with larger ones. When I copy a 4GB+ folder with movie files in it (500-700MB) it is 40+ - 50 + MBps over LAN with one and 50+ - 60 + MBps with another (starts with over 100MB but drops quickly).

I’m pretty sure direct connection brings the speed up, too.

We’d have to see what type of file they used to test.

Bill_F wrote:

Firmware of MyCloud is in a state which may not be publicly described in this community  :cry:
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So you are also LinAdmin & WD Fan and Duuko and other users.

So when I read back all of your old posts, you keep quoting TonyPh12345.  

TonyPh12345 asks questions to help you, but I don’t see answers.  Also posted a good troubleshooter.  Have you tried?  Post all your results.   I want to see your results.

My My Cloud NAS is a little faster than TonyPh12345.   I get 100 megabytes read spead on large files on my Windows 8 desktop.