Transfer rate dropped to 1Mbps?

I was using MB Duo connected to router with Cat5 cable and my transfer rate was 10-11Mbps which was low for an ethernet connection. Nothing changed and today MB Duo decided to make it 1Mbps which is slowest i’ve ever seen. Couldn’t updated firmware until i bought because it says download error. I found .deb file and tried to update from file and it says download error again which is really silly. I’m not gonna ask something just wanted to tell this device is the worse thing i’ve ever bought. First (1 year ago) it started to give an error and then erased whole my files without a reason. I ever talked to WD Support, they connected to my computer and search for a reason and couldn’t find any. Then 1Mbps transfer rate now? Really worse thing i’ve ever seen. Maybe broke it with an axe or burning it is the best way to use this ******* device.


You could refer to the following link:

It’s very helpful and relaxing to see that i can get 30-60Mbps (but i can’t). Also according to your site i can make firmware update too (which i can’t make from the first day again). Very relaxing to see that these can be doable in a parallel universe.