Transfer Movies/Shows from DISH DVR For Viewing on TVs Without DISH

I bought a WD Elements Desktop Storage, Model WDBWLG0020HBK-NEDH. I want to copy the shows and movies now on my DISH Hopper With Sling DVR to an external drive and then connect the external drive to my 2 TVs. (I am “cutting the cord” and will get rid of DISH and use one of the streaming services.) Both TVs are connected to my network. I successfully copied 1 show and 1 movie to this Elements drive, although before I could copy them a pop-up message on the screen said that I had to reformat the drive, which I did. And all went well. However, when I then connected the drive to each of the TVs and to power and pushed the power-on button, I could not transfer either of the 2 shows I had copied. Additionally, the drive did not show up on the “Source List” of either TV. I also connected the drive to my Windows laptop. The drive was listed on the Devices List. However, Windows File Explorer did not show it at all. I assume I’ll just have to return the drive to the seller, but I would like to find a drive that will do what I have outlined here. Any advice would be appreciated.

dunno … sounds like a Dish DRM problem/restriction rather than a hard drive problem.