Transfer from one MyCloud to another stops working

I recently ran out of space on an old MyCloud drive, so I bought a new, bigger one. At first, transferring the files to the new drive went fine, but now the transfers start and then freeze. It took more than a week to transfer a little over 2 TB. There is more than 5 TB free, but nothing more will transfer to the drive. The unit is a MyCloudEX2Ultra, 8 TB model.

How are you transferring the files? Using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder?

You may wan to use Rsync or something similar to copy files/data from one drive to another. Doing so requires using SSH. Use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) to find past discussions on how to use Rsync.

You may also want to visit the EX2 Series subforum to see if there are further suggestions on transferring files to or from the unit.

Personally, I would SSH into one of the boxes, and do the exchange over rsync. Cut out the middle man. Transfer speed will be much better, and you will have reliable resume if hangs.

EG, you are pulling from a mycloud gen2, and pulling onto the EX2Ultra, I would:

  1. Enable SSH on both units
  2. Log into the EX2Ultra over ssh
  3. Pull the data with rsync using something like the following
rsync -a root@[Mycloud'sIP]:/shares/[NameOfShareToClone]/* /shares/[NameOfSharetoCloneInto]

Pity that these units dont have the screen command baked into them, as the transfer could “Hang up” if the ssh session times out. [screen] would prevent that.

On the plus side, if the transfer DOES hang, rsync is smart enough to resume where it left off if you restart it again.

I’m just an average computer user, I don’t have any experience with these programs. I just want to transfer files from one drive to another, It’s not working.

How are you copying the files from one My Cloud to the other, using what program or application? Are you using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder? Are both My Cloud units connected to a Gigabit capable router? Is the computer you are using to initiate the transfer or copying also connected via Gigabit Ethernet to the same router the My Cloud units are connected to?

The main problem one may experience when attempting to copy data from one My Cloud to another My Cloud, is that data may end up flowing from the first My Cloud through the router, to the computer that initiated the copy, back to the router, then to the second My Cloud. As such if one is using WiFi on their computer that can be a bottle neck cutting the copy speed significantly. Same goes if not using a Gigabit capable router.

This is why it is often suggested to use SSH to initiate the copy of data from one My Cloud to another. This eliminates the possibility of the computer being a bottle neck as the data is copied directly from one My Cloud to another by the My Cloud firmware rather than some other computer/device,