Transfer from a PC with Windows XP to a portable with Windows 7

I recently purchased a portable with Windows 7 and I wish to disinstall my WD My Passeport WDBAAA2500ABK from my Desktop with Windows XP and install it to my portable without damaging or erasing alla my files inside MyPasseport.

Do I have to install first WD MyPasseport in my portable ? How as I do not have any CD for installation ?

Thanks for your help.

Hi there, sometimes Windows 7 will ask you to format drives that have been working under XP, so here’s what I’ll suggest you:

  • Put the data BACK to the XP computer.

  • Connect the drive to the W7 computer.

  • W7 should install the drivers byt itself, in case it doesn’t then you can get the drivers from here.

  • After the drivers are installed, FORMAT the drive on W7.

  • Connect the drive back to XP to put the files back into the drive.

  • Connect the drive back to W7, it should accept the files with no risk.