Transfer files to new WD My Passport for Mac with Corrupt Files

Hi there and thank you in advance for any assistance.

I have an old WD My Passport for Mac (2013) that is possibly damaged. On it I have 42,000 images in Adobe Lightroom.

I noticed a couple of days ago that some of the images have recently corrupted. The problem could be a number of factors, a power outage not allowing safe disconnection, the age of the external drive or in Lightroom.

Until I find a workaround I have not plugged it back in, in fear or doing more damage until I know which steps to take.

I was thinking of transferring the files to a new My Passport but wondering if I am simply transferring the problem to a new hard drive. I have tried reaching out to the Lightroom forum but no one has responded to me.

Also I read somewhere that a program called ‘Stellar’ may be able to fix the corrupted files and not sure if I should try that before or after copying the data over to the new HD.

Does anyone have some advice on the best steps to take please? I feel sick with fear of losing all of my images or all of them corrupting during a transfer.
Thank you.


You may refer to the following link: