Transfer files from PC to home share folder slow & when it does finish its freezes on tv


Im tranfering files from my homePC to my shared folder its slow (WHY?)

than when it does finish and i play it on my WD live the picture freezes (WHY)?


1>  What’s SLOW?  What kind of transfer rate are you getting? 

2>  My bet is you’re using an MKV file generated with MKVMerge 4.2.


When i transfer a file from my PC to anothe rpc on my network its really slow. The file im moving is avi.

Also when i go into my drive on my WD Live and i press play it take a while before anything pops up and when it does it picture frezzes.

Any idea why?

You just asked the same questions again, and didn’t provide answers, or refer to my second answer.

To answer you 2nd questionL

Its a avi file not  MKV file 

everything is slow even when i steam it 

Ugh.   Let’s try this again.

How do you define SLOW?   Exactly how long is it taking to transfer a file, and how large is that file in terms of bytes?

What format is the drive you are using on the WD?  if it is any form of FAT reformat to NTFS.

I tried FAT32 and EXTFAT and both had terrible results.  Long delays before copying files, slow transfers, and transfers would often fail.

NTFS is the way to go with this device.  Since Ive been using that this thing has been working flawlessly with an external drive.