Transfer Backup from LaCie External hardrive to New WD MyCloud device


So I’ve been backing up my MacBook on a LaCie External Hardive, I guess the Backup is at about 258GB. How do I go about transferring that to my new WD MyCloud device.

Please don’t say over Wifi as that will take over 2 Days ?

Someone I know said to Plug my LaCie into the back of the MyCloud and it will do it Automatically… ?

Look forward to your responses.

what is on wifi? the macbook? can you get it on Gb Ethernet at least temorarly?

if you can attach the Laci drive to the macbook and us finder to copy

if not try attaching the Lacie to the mycloud and use the WD desktop app, this should keep the transfer off the wifi. this is the only type of operation that I recomend the desktop app for local access


Yes the Macbook is on the Wifi… When you say get it on GB Ethernet ? Could you explain more…

I Attached the Laci drive to the mycloud but i now can’t access the WD via the desktop App or over Internet ?

what is the mycloud plugged into? does it have gigabit capabilities? does the macbook have a gigabit Ethernet port? if both are true connect the macbook to the same router/switch as the mycloud.

do you know what format the lacie disk is? It sounds like it is not compatiable with the mycloud so connecting it to the macbook may be the only option. the manual will have a list of supported disk formats


The MyCloud is plugged into my router with an Ethernet cable, Yes the Macbook has an Ethernet port. If I do what you say is there a way od disabling the Wifi on the Mycloud so it only transfers the backup via the ethernet ?