Tranparent Icons and Thumbnails like folder.png or folder.gif

To my knowledge, there is no option to make thumbnails with a transparent layer.

Is it possible to have support for folder.GIF or folder.PNG instead of folder.JPG

Tested with folder.PNG but shows WHITE background around the image, where on the PC it is correctly transparant.

This would be a nice add-on in the next firmware ?

Thank you.

I tried and had no success either. Even folder.ico doesn’t work either :frowning:

I wonder if WD programmers are wattching this request, and in what timeframe we could expect a reaction.

I believe transparency works.   But if there’s transparency, you have to be concerned with what is UNDERNEATH the image.   I believe on the the Live / Live+, the thumbnails have a white rectangle underneath the thumbs.   I don’t know for certain, though; you’d have to download the GPL source code and look at the PNGs they use to build the UI.