since updating to new 5 operating system i cant get the tranmission app and im desperate for it i need for downloads
can someone please help

Not sure how helpful this would be, but the support matrix says that Transmission will be “available at a later date”. I guess the only solution for now is either to downgrade to the previous firmware or to build the Transmission package by yourself:

You cant downgrade

And on website before I updated it clearly states new version is available withupdate

Yes, my bad, there is no downgrade option. The page you are referring is for v5.03.103, the current one is 5.04.114. Apparently, Transmission has been removed from this build for some reason.

So it’s done ? The release note says “Updated Transmission to version 2.94” and “This is a one-way update. Users will not be able to roll back to My Cloud OS 3 from My Cloud OS 5” and finally we have no Transmission and no way back ? WTF ? I should have stayed on the previous version, it’s like being at Microsoft !

so seems like there is (an unsupported) way to downgrade:

Guess that is one way to look at it.

However, just about everything you read starts off with “This could void your warranty”

So, is there ever a supported way to do anything with a WD NAS?

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I agree. Could be wrong, but from what I remember even when enable ssh from UI there was a warning about warranty void or something like that. Couldn’t care less anyway since both mine (ex4100 and ex2 ultra) are 4 years old already.