Traded 320GB passport for 500GB seagate CUZ OF SMARTWARE

hi I just today got rid of my 320 GB passport essentail. why? becuase of smartware. i am just saying, another custumer gone. now I can use my drive for whar I wanted if for… my wii.

Poor guy… I hope you like a hard drive that’s going to die in a year :slight_smile: – I am NOT a big fan of Seagate, and would take SmartWare any day of the week over a drive that is fated for an early demise. Why didn’t you just switch to an Elements? It still has the reliability of a WD drive, and doesn’t include any of the SmartWare/VCD/etc.

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that is the exact answer I would expect from a FANBOY like you. the store I was at ONLY sold WD mypassport essential with dumbware and seagate expansion drive. I thught the smartware was destroyable, nope. I asked for an older model but they dident have any others. Also I talked to several computer dudes and they sied WD and SG are equily matched. I needed the drive for WBFS filesystem althugh I doubt you know what that is.

WD has a drive specifically designed for such usage. The unit is WDBABS3200ABK, My Passport AV. Just because there was only one type of drive at the store you went to doesnt mean an entire brand should be dismissed. But of course, that’s just my opinion.

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Nightmare-Rex wrote:

the store I was at ONLY sold WD mypassport essential

SO… You take the only one you see in the first store you go to? What in the world stops you from going to another store with more variety? 


If all you have is Walmart and Staples type places choice is pretty limited.  Everybody doesn’t have a big shopping complex handy.


That is true, but you can also request a product online, you can also call different stores to check if they have stock of what you need to have for what you want to do it and go straight there… No matter how small and less-known the store might be, there is always one with stock.

Options become limited only when you decide to buy before researching. Still, you are right about Walmart and Staples.

I cannot believe you traded a WD product for a Seagate Product. Be prepared for an earlier than expected death. I returned 3 Seagate drives, and their “factory refurbished” units failed within 1 week. I went W.D. because of their reliability and superior software. I have both the 1TB My Book Essentials, and a 2TB Elements HD. Software works for both external W.D. drives and the 350GB internal drive. With Windows 7, I have had no problems whatsoever. In addition to your “limited” selection of HDrives for retail sales in your area, you can always use the the largest computer store in the world…the INTERNET.  


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