Touro is Currupting my Image Files


Win 7 64-bit. I am storing years of jpg and pdf files on my external Touro hard drive and am finding more and more corrupted and unusable graphic files. I have restored by overwriting many of them (I also back-up to the Cloud) but then find them starting to corrupt again. I am getting desperate as these files represent many years of work, and i just can’t find the answer to the problem. Maybe I better try another storage device before all my files are gone. Has anyone had a similar experience? Does anyone have any idea what might be doing this.


Do you want to check the SMART status if it has any reallocated sectors? E.g. with this tool.
You might have power connection problems. Unless you are regularly hammering your HDD against something hard.


Thanks Kurbads. I ran the program and have 0 Raw Value in the Reallocated Sector Count. Could the problem have something to do with not dismounting the drive when I turn off my computer?



No, as long as nothing is being written on HDD when power disappears, no damage occurs. When shut down PC sends shutdown signal to the drive before turns off the power.

The drive itself is also comfortable with sudden power loss if no data is being written. It is ok to pull the data cable and then the power cable. The only lost data would be the file transmitted during the pull. If however you tried it other way around, it would cause damage.

Have you ever heard clicks on the drive or slowdowns accessing data?

Do you have external power for your hard drive or is it powered by couple USB ports?

I have a very old 2TB WD drive. Which is like 10 years old. When I moved to UK, 7 years ago, it was troubled, it developed 67 bad sectors and some data got corrupted.

But since then I have had no problems with it. The number of reallocated sectors has stayed the same for last 7 years.


Good to know that. Thanks. The HDD is very quiet and doesn’t make any noises. It is powered externally. maybe you’re right and that’s problem. Any way to check that?