Totaly fed up with my WD TV Live

Hi all,

I’m totally fed up with my WD TV Live (gen. 3).

Ever since I use this SMP my movies stutter while I had no problems using my WD TV HD Media (gen. 2)!

Unfortunatly I sold the my 2nd gen.

My setup is still the same: MYBook Live 3T, wired connection.

What can I do/try??

The WDTV HD wasn’t network accessible, so everything has changed – you can’t really compare USB playback (the Gen 2) versus network playback.

Are you using Network Shares or Twonky on your MBL?

And you say your MBL is wired, is your SMP also wired?

The 2nd gen WD TV does have a network connection (utp).

I connected the 2nd gen via utp to my UBEE UVW3200 modem/router. From the modem/router I connected my 2nd gen also with a utp cable.

The only thing that was changed is that I replaced the WD TV 2nd gen with a 3th gen.

I tried to play the movies via a network share and Twonky… with both all the movies stutter…

Koningjapie wrote:

The 2nd gen WD TV does have a network connection (utp).

No, it does not.

The WDTV HD (as you called it twice) had NO network ports. 

THIS is the WDTV HD Gen 2:

The WDTV LIVE  (This:

was the first network attachable, and it’s not a “2nd gen.”  

Don’t know why you’d be having stuttering over a wired connection – I’ve never seen that once even with the highest bitrate movies.  Don’t know what to suggest other than to make sure you have good cables…

Assuming you have one of these:

If you’re fed up with it, I am looking for a second SMP for the basement. Recoup some of your costs, send me a PM and we’ll negotiate.

This is the one I had…

There are huge differences between the Gen 2 and Gen 3 WDTV Live’s.  A friend of mine had the Gen 2 model and it worked perfectly.  He upgraded to the WDTV Live SMP (Gen 3).  He always used an attached HDD.  When set up the new one had a flicker on the screen which at times caused the audio to drop for a few seconds.

He used the Gen 2 power pack and the Gen 2 HDMI lead, all of which gave a perfect outcome for his Gen 2 but not for the Gen 3.  The HDMI cable was replaced and all flickering, sound drop out problems ceased immediately with the Gen 3.

You can’t compare Gen 2 with Gen 3.

As someone says above, check your leads!