Totally clueless

Hi there. My husband bought me this as a gift because I have thousands and thousands of photos on my mac and need to clear some space. I literally have no idea how this works. I know how to “add a new folder” and drag my files from Finder to the new folder on my cloud…that is about the extent of it. I am trying to ORGANIZE the folders because there are so many duplicate photos. My cloud does not notify if I have double of one file if they are in different folders. I have a series of questions that I would appreciate if anyone could answer even just one to help me out here… I know I am no internet nerd…

  1. If I delete a photo from my computer, will it delete off of mycloud?
  2. If I delete a duplicate photo from a folder in my cloud will it delete the same photo in another folder location?
  3. Is there any way for mycloud to notify me of duplicate photos?
  4. Is there any way for mycloud to notify me of my most recent uploads? (without having to try to remember which folder I put them in and having to click “date motified”)
  5. Is there any way for mycloud to show me the number of files in an individual folder/ or in total?
  6. When I try to move folders into one new folder so that I can organize the photos, it says “error message: the destination folder is the same as the source folder” what does that mean?

All I can think of for now…I know it is a lot to ask, but I am not tech savvy with this kind of stuff. Thank you very much in advance.

Way to go about getting help…

It depends on whether or not you have installed any ‘sync’ software (which will synchronise changes made on associated file systems).

If you don’t have sync software running, then, no, deleting a file on one device will not delete it on others.

No. (Depending on sync software again)

No. It’s just a file server, and doesn’t know or care about what you put on it.

Again, no; it’s just a file server.

Any decent file manager will show you that. Map the MyCloud into your file system and use it as a network drive.

It means that you aren’t actually trying to change the location; you are putting then back from where they came…

As an ‘internet nerd’, I’d use Linux to create a recursive directory list, and then manipulate the resulting list to find files with the same names, sizes and creation dates, and use this to find duplicates.

I’m sure, since you’re an Apple user, that there ‘must be an app for that’.

Maybe something like Beyond Compare will be able to help, or a decent photo library tool.

I did not mean “Internet nerd” to be offensive at all… thanks for the